Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the Healthy Living Centre in North London, N1 2HL. A gentle and safe, hands-on approach to your health.

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My name is Susanne Zahn-Willsdon and I am a biodynamically trained craniosacral therapist.

In my craniosacral practice I work with physical issues, injuries and illnesses as well as emotional issues

Specialties: Working with stress and depression, women's health issues and trauma, including birth trauma.

I have always been very interested in communicating with others, in the expressions of the body and the connection between it, the mind, emotions and the spirit, so feel a strong connection to this holistic way of working with its very whole view of a person, their health and wellbeing.

I work as a clinic tutor and co-ordinator at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational's unique Teaching Clinic in London and as a supervisor/mentor for qualified craniosacral therapists and other complementary therapists. 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is hands-on, works through the physical (fluids and tissues) and the energy body. 

You can watch a short film about Craniosacral Therapy here.

Early development and how this affects us as children and adults is a deep interest of mine. 

aim to support women who want to conceive, accompany women through pregnancy, 

and see mums and babies after birth. (Home visits are available for mums and babies.)

I also work regularly and longer-term with adults on issues with depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue and chronic and acute pain. 

There is a possibility to use this work as a practice to encourage deepening of experience and integration of the heart-mind-body-spirit-soul connection. 

My background is in the performing arts and I am currently working towards an MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy with a view to register as a Core Process Psychotherapist with UKCP. 

For Contemplative Supervision/Mentoring for Craniosacral Practitioners and other Complementary Health Practitioners, please click here

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