Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the Healthy Living Centre in North London, N1 2HL. A gentle and safe, hands-on approach to your health.

craniosacral therapy sessions

You can gain an impression by watching a short film about craniosacral therapy here

first sessions:

The first session normally lasts one hour. At the beginning of the first session we talk about your health past and present, physical and/or emotional. 

The session then proceeds with you fully clothed on a treatment table.  

during a session:

There is a period of settling, then I lightly and spaciously contact your feet, your head, lower back or affected body-parts with my hands.

I would not work with an area of your body you would not like me to touch, and if you find touch in itself uncomfortable, I can work off the body.

You may experience your body in a totally new way; you may have a pleasurable sense of tingling in your head, body or arms and legs. It can somewhat feel like what is called an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR*) described below, but isn't limited to your skin and upper body. You may have the sense of flowing, deep relaxation or widening, access a deep meditative state or you may just feel very relaxed - it's very individual. 

* From Wikipedia: 

  'Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a term used for an experience characterised by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.' 

During the session we may exchange impressions or work in deep silence. It's possible you will feel that processes are set in motion during the session - towards the end of the session therefore the focus will be on completing and settling.

Even though biodynamic craniosacral therapy is mainly touch-based, I also work with breath and visualisation, both of which can assist you to engage you body's own healing powers even beyond the treatment room.

The way I work does not include manipulation (in the sense that I don't attempt to physically move any bones or body tissues), and your system thus can work at the pace it needs to. This is why this way of working is suitable and safe for all from the very, very young to advanced ages, and in fragile, acutely painful and chronic conditions.

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after a session:

You may feel more grounded, present, fluid or spacious. If you should feel a little bit disoriented while your system readjusts (because big changes can happen in one session), I advise rest and plenty of fluids.

Babies often 'give voice' to their grievances and may cry initially; this is a natural reaction and will settle. They may sleep deeper and longer after a session. 

You are likely to notice some changes taking place over the next three days, possibly even in your general attitude to life. Energy freed in your body can become available for further improving your condition. When you start a course of treatments, you may notice that what you came for might not be the first thing to change – your system sets its own priorities. You may feel more energized straight away or that you need more sleep for some days, as your body and nervous system integrate any changes.

how many sessions:

I have seen marked differences occur within only a few sessions, after which there is the option of coming for 'tune-ups'; other times, especially if you condition has had a long time to influence your health or you have had a serious injury it can take ten to twenty sessions and more.

Babies and children tend to react a lot faster than adults, their bodies having accumulated less layers of conditioning and are naturally in a constant state of change through growth; I would advise around four sessions to start with.

Sessions usually last 60 minutes for adults, 90 minutes for mums and babies.

After the first session we will work out an initial plan, which will be reviewed after each course of treatment. Preventative and 'tune-up' sessions may take place once monthly or every 2 months.

I am happy to take consultations in French or German, in case you should wish me to. Please tell me when booking.

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