Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the Healthy Living Centre in North London, N1 2HL. A gentle and safe, hands-on approach to your health.

About Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy:

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle yet profound hands-on treatment which is becoming more and more widely known for its beneficial effects on wellbeing.

Working with very a light hold, biodynamic CST (BCST) is particularly safe and suitable for all. From  before birth to advanced ages and also in fragile, acutely painful and chronic conditions this holistic touch therapy addresses and involves the whole individual. Contacting all of the structures and 
functions within it, CST aims to help the body to return to a state of balanced function.

While 'Craniosacral' refers to the cranium (skull) and the sacrum (the large, triangular bone at the base of your spine), these aren't the only structures we work with. We work with the Central Nervous System (CNS) suspended between these two poles, the Cerebrospinal Fluid which the CNS is bathed in, the energy system of the body and in fact the whole body.

This therapy was developed from osteopathy and cranial osteopathy, following in the footsteps of William Garner Sutherland D.O., the great pioneer of this work.  

Working at the pace set by the client's system BCST is safe and suitable for all ages, from very young babies and children, teenagers and adults to the very elderly and fragile.

BCST is non-manipulative, in the sense that we don't move bones manually or send our own energy through the body. In a session we work with the underlying systems that regulate our health. In our holistic understanding, rather than being separated into different parts, we are one whole inseparable being and thus one aspect of our being influences all others.

We have found in our clinical experience that craniosacral treatment can influence almost any condition, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Working with our own natural resources, our body's intelligence is able to connect to our innate strength wherever we are in our life; sometimes we need some support in harnessing this strength.

Physical and emotional experiences such as stress, accidents, illness, trauma (including birth trauma), grief and others are well known to be expressed in the body as tension, pain or illness. While our body holds on to disturbances and tries to balance out around them, it utilises a greater amount of our energy or life-force. This again can give rise to many additional symptoms that cannot necessarily be explained. 

"Stress creates inflammation throughout the body which is the basis for many chronic diseases. Reduction in inflammation is a key reason for the improvement in symptoms.
Here is the sequence: (1) Craniosacral work releases stress. (2) Inflammation is reduced.
(3) Symptoms are relieved." (

During a session your body can relax deeply or reach a profound stillness, in which it can let go of disturbances. You may experience your body and it's sensations in a new way, which can help you to release trauma energy and to feel that you are in a new contact with yourself.

While this holistic therapy can address specific problems it contacts the whole person and underlying issues at the same time and can improve the overall health and emotional well-being.

Please note: Even though we often treat patients for problems that have not responded to other treatment, having craniosacral therapy is not a substitute for medical tests or treatment by conventional western medicine. I will not ask or council you to cancel surgery or to stop taking your medication. Craniosacral therapy can work well alongside other forms of medicine, therefore I am happy to work in collaboration with other health practitioners.

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